iCatchall and iCatchall Tools

A whole bunch of tools and fun stuff in one iPhone app.

A flashlight, tip calculator, level, file storage, and much more all in one tool. Choose the "iCatchall" edition and add even more like making fart noises or playing Rock-Paper-Scissors; still all in one app!

Two editions are available, "iCatchall" and "iCatchall Tools" (not everybody needs fart noises with their tip calculator and other tools.)

There are over 15,000 apps in the App Store. A good percent of all those apps combined could be replaced by one single program: iCatchall.

You would fill a whole page on your iPhone's home screen with icons to get the same features found in iCatchall. Read about the many useful and/or crazy Features in each edition!

We'll keep adding more tools and fun stuff, and already have ideas (I'm looking at you, small crowd of Lighter Apps). If you have suggestions, let us know. And we'll keep watching the App Store too....

See iCatchall in action in these short movies

The Great Thing About the iPhone: iCatchall

A Child's Guide to iCatchall

Also see the first video: iCatchall the Movie on youtube.

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