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Answering various questions from the iTunes App Store comments...

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Useful & Less Useful Features...
Yes, each person may only find some set of the apps useful or not useful--but every person will have a different group they like! There have been as many requests for more sounds as anything else.

My niece's favorites are the tap dancing, poker chips, and farts (she's 5). Most the Fun features are just there because I thought they would be fun or funny, and if they entertain a 5 year old, even better. (Next time she's over at Grandma's house, we're going to film her giving a demo of the program.)

With maybe one exception, every single feature in iCatchall has been released by somebody as its own standalone app. Often charging you $1 or more! Somebody out there (a LOT of somebodies) makes fart apps and other things some of the top items in the iTunes App Store. So silly stuff has a market too.

If you don't want them, check out iCatchall Tools. It just has the tools. (And the next version of iCatchall will let you turn off the pages too.)

What's the deal with "Flaming Balls of Fire"?
They're our answer to all the simple "Lighter" apps. What's cooler, the flame on a lighter, or Flaming Balls of Fire :) The next version will let you pinch to resize.

On the blank space and pages.
Yes, we could have fit everything onto fewer pages in this version of app. But all those empty spaces give us room to grow and fill.

What's the "Music Video"?
I don't want to spoil it, read here if you've already seen and don't know what it was. (And if you did enjoy it, how about Angelina Jolie playing with puppies?)

The "Personal Massager" doesn't do anything?
Make sure the Vibration is not turned off in the settings on your iPhone.

The Flashlight shows the Moon?
Somebody must have played with the settings and set the Flashlight to "Moonlight Mode".

File Storage sharing?
The File Storage sharing doesn't start unless you open the File Sharing tool; once started it will run until you close iCatchall. This lets you calculate a tip or use other tools while still sharing files (or use all the features without ever sharing files.)

If you want more advanced options, such as access by FTP for uploading batches of files, or passwords to access your files, consider WiFi Disk.

Rock, Paper, Scissors in the Tools-only edition?
Sometimes you need a good decision making tool for business situations. I've personally played Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who got the bed and who got the couch when sharing a room on a business trip. (I won the bed.)

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